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Our High Message

We work with love and generosity to develop, straighten and empower human in all societal groups to make happiness his lifestyle through qualifying agents and ambassadors for happiness in the continents of the world using developed systems and activating programs that increase happiness.

Our Mission

We inculcate happiness by dedicating time, effort and science in order to elevate our souls to heaven and develop our self-national economy;

Our Vision

To become the leading and inspiring organization in the world to make the happiness as a human lifestyle.

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Our Human Beginning

We began with dedication working over the past years with our consultant team, which includes a group of academics and specialists in various fields to study the status of the world, human being and the rapid developments that we have witnessed with the new millennium and to what a person aspires to live a happy life with himself and his surroundings..

We found a major point where every person on this earth meets.
It is happiness…. Yes the Happiness It is an internal feeling that controls man by giving him happiness to others. To live happy.. Grant Happiness to the others, Therefore, we developed an interactive training program that we called it the name of the Happiness Ambassadors Program.

we applied the program in different ways and places in the world until it was approved to be the light that made the initiative improving the lives of everyone who gets this program and improve his surrounding environment.

what do we do?

We enable the participants in the happiness’ consultants stage until we reach their eligibility for the grant of the title of ambassador of happiness, and subject them to studied experiences on the ground and thus they have multiple skills, including the training and consulting, research and studies, in addition to enabling them to learn science in various fields.

Seeking to limit human’s suffering everywhere starting from the United States of America to the seven continents of the world, through community services provided by the ambassadors of happiness to the organization.

Contributing with the ambassadors of happiness with community services through the voluntary training and consultations for the afflicted families and peoples affected by wars and charitable organizations, and those who deserve support in accordance with the vision of each region.

In order to achieve the highest quality standards, no programs, courses or consultations will be offered except through our organization’s website and with the full supervision of our quality experts to ensure the highest levels of benefit from the required service.

The Ambassador of Happiness is not deemed a study or test that you pass. The Ambassador of Happiness is a method and simulation of all program contents, consultations and sessions. Therefore, this title will not be awarded beyond ensuring that the ambassador reaches a stage that exceeds 90% of the satisfaction for his performance, assessing his outcomes and the extent of its influence and the percentage of satisfaction of the beneficiaries about the consultations he has performed.

We raise the level of income of our consultants and ambassadors to the extent to which he reaches the freedom and financial independence, Continuous development and improvement of the skills of our consultants and ambassadors to be ready for the latest scientific and skill developments, Cooperating with the community to take advantage of the culture of investing relationships to achieve multiple benefits, We open areas for supporting parties, businessmen and businesswomen to achieve the principle of happiness for them through their giving and adoption of a number of seats to make ambassadors of happiness, >We cooperate with the major parties to be our strategic partners in order to provide distinguished services, especially to the ambassadors of happiness, as a sort of appreciation to them and urging them to give more effort, Establishment of the conferences, qualifying programs, workshops and seminars in the field of happiness and human being development, Opening the door for triple-profit investment for investors and those looking for development investment opportunities, Partnership in qualitative initiatives with distinguished thinkers.

How do you join us?

You shall join to the Happiness Ambassadors Program by subscribing through the website, To be a strategic partner by adopting a group of happiness ambassadors, To establish in your facility ambassadors of happiness through a direct and dedicated contract, Contact with us through the communication channels to discuss ways of partnership between us to spread happiness

Happiness Objectives that will be

achieved with our ambassadors within 10 years

The number of ambassadors: 77,000 ambassadors of happiness around the world,The number of consultants is 2,760.000 happiness consultants around the worldmThe beneficiaries of the consultations are 105,000,000 individuals,The beneficiaries of the developmental courses are 473,000,000 individuals,Accessing the Happiness Ambassadors Program to 27 countries,Raising the happiness assessment degrees in 7 countries to become one of the 20 best countries in the world,Improving the work environments with the facilities to be a happy environment.